I’m Back!

I’m sorry, few viewers that I have, for not posting for some time. I’ll try to post ever day, as I have before, but it might be hard…


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Something sad happened yesterday. It may not have affected the world, or even any humans other than the three of us. But still. I was in recess when my friend yelled. Two third graders were smashing ants from an anthill.Ants were panicking all over.About a dozen ants lay on a rock, their wriggling paper-thin legs the only sign that they were alive. With one ant, the entire bottom half of its body was separated from the top half. They must have been in such pain. I told the kids off, and they dropped the stone they were using to kill the ants.and hopped away cheerily. Then we dug a small pit for a makeshift mass grave. Then an ant crawled up the rock and skittered from ant to ant. It stopped near one and began pulling it. Then it stopped and pulled another.

As we started picking up the ants and scooping them in, cherry blossom petals began floating down from the trees, like snow. I was reminded of the time my friend’s mantis died. There was a rainbow. Not the most common sight here.

We began scooping up the petals, and gently placing the ants on them. A cushion, or blanket. Then we covered them. 

Then someone called that it was the end of recess. We quickly patted dirt over the ants, then covered them with a large rock.

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This is the REAL last post about Poem A Day

■What did you learn from participating in the challenge?

I learned that we all have poetry inside us.

 ■What did you enjoy about the challenge?

I enjoyed sharing my poetry and reading the comments people left me. I also liked that I was able to see so many poems that I recognized.

■What was difficult about the challenge?

One difficult thing about the challenge was choosing which poems to share. Some were private, some were not finished, and some were just not right.

■What motivated you to stay in this challenge?

My motivation to stay was that I wanted to work more on my blog and here was an opportunity. Also, I wanted to try for the prize.

 ■What did you think about the comments you received?

They were very encouraging! I got a visit from many people, and my first comment from someone I did not know!

■Did you get to read other people’s poems and leave comments?

At the beginning, I did, but then I…stopped.

■What changes could Ms. Kim make for this challenge next year?

I think it would be more fair if she made more limits about the posting. This time people could be more lax about their poetry.

 ■Would you have liked to do this challenge for more than 2 weeks? If yes, for how long?

Yes, for maybe another week or two.


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Poem A Day Challenge #14

Last one. Here goes.


stuck in my head

can’t get out


fade away



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Poem A Day Challenge # 13


Leaks into the air

Swirls of breath

Flow out in the cold fall breeze

Barely visible

 Wavering strands


City lights

Glowing on

Lights out

No cars

Just you

And the night


No light

Other than a single

Golden glow


On this starless light


With you


A whole circle

Majestic in this darkness

A new sun

A blink away

Binding you

In a simple spell

The simple spell

Of its beauty


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Poem A Day Challenge #12

Half moon

 A yummy taco stuffed with cheese

A half-empty glass

Shying behind itself

In the blue twilight of the sky

Day 7-tick tock

 Half moon

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Poem a Day Challenge #11

The kids

Boys and girls

Tall and short

c o l o r s



the gym



stopping to

tie their laces

or so they


and relieving themselves with

w a t e r

and laughing

and groaning

and racing

and 10% jogging

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